Investment Calculators

Make informed financial decisions with our suite of advanced financial tools and calculators. Whether you want to know how Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) affect your savings using the 'SIP calculator', or check returns with the 'Returns calculator', we've got you covered.

SIP Calculator

This tool will help you calculate the future value of your investments.


Thoughtful, personalised investing recommendation in less

Wealth Planner

Take charge of your financial future with our Wealth Planner. Discover the optimal monthly investments required to achieve your goals with ease.

House Purchase Planner

Planning to buy your dream house in few years? Our Dream House Purchase tool helps you to understand the monthly investment required to achieve this goal.

Child Education Planner

Secure your child's future by taking control of their higher education expenses. Calculate the ideal monthly investments needed to build a sufficient corpus for their brighter tomorrow.

Vacation Savings Planner

Explore your desired destination with confidence by calculating the recommended monthly savings needed to fund your dream trip. Start investing now and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Cost of Investment Delay

Calculate the difference in portfolio value over time between starting an SIP immediately and at a later date. Understand the consequences of delaying your investment strategy.

Returns Calculator

Understand the current value, absolute and annualized year-on-year (CAGR) returns on investments made in any of our products via the Lumpsum, SIP, SWP or STP mode.

SIP Top-up calculator

SIP brings consistency. SIP with a top-up feature accelerates your investment commitments to achieve financial goals faster.

SWP Report

The SWP report tool lets you to calculate to withdraw a certain amount of money at regular intervals from your lumpsum investment.

Alimony Calculator

Calcualte your current lifestyle expenses and understand the alimony cost required to maintain the same lifestyle.