Our business will always prioritise the interests of our investors, and we will maintain an unwavering commitment to doing what is best for them, as they #InvestForGood

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Our Story

For more than 25 years, we have been helping investors make sound investment decisions responsibly and unemotionally, so the outcomes they earn are not by chance but by design. Lakhs of investors like you and thousands of MF Distributors & investment advisors trust us today, helping us become one of the largest AMCs in India.

We feel honoured that our family of investors come from all walks of life: hard-working salaried people, high-net-worth individuals, NRIs, small & mid-sized business owners, large private & public corporations, trusts and foreign institutions. While this makes us proud, it also gives us a deep sense of responsibility and strengthens our resolve to help you invest better.

Today, DSP Asset Managers is a 100% independent & Indian Asset Management Company (AMC) with a wide range of active and passive funds managed across the risk-reward spectrum. We are backed by the DSP Group, an almost 160-year-old Indian financial giant. The family behind DSP has been very influential in the growth and professionalization of capital markets and the money management business in India over the last one and a half centuries.

Our Value

Singular focus on Asset Management.

Singular focus on Asset Management.

We have no alternative business interests. This means that we are single-mindedly committed to do well for our investors and for ourselves.

Professional management, family ownership.

Professional management, family ownership.

We have a unique business model of family ownership and professional management. Globally, such companies deliver longevity and durable results to investors as such a model allows long term thinking and decision making.

Setting the right expectations - for ourselves and our investors.

Setting the right expectations - for ourselves and our investors.

Gathering AUM is not our number 1 focus. Delivering consistent performance while beating benchmarks and serving the right products to the right people with the right purpose, is our primary focus. Our core skill sets come from an understanding of market cycles, risks and sound fundamental investing principles. We have consciously & continuously invested in building these capabilities and will continue to do so.

Highest confidence in our capabilities and our own skin-in-the-game.

Highest confidence in our capabilities and our own skin-in-the-game.

Not just our shareholder wealth, even our employee wealth is invested in our funds. All of us as a rule invest only in schemes of DSPMF. This skin-in-the-game philosophy gives investors more confidence as their hard-earned money is also invested where their asset manager invests. Put another way, we look after our investors' money as if it were our own.

#InvestForGood: A philosophy built on our belief in integrity.

#InvestForGood: A philosophy built on our belief in integrity.

We want our investor community to 'do good' for the world, not just focus on building a better future for themselves. #InvestForGood is not just about investing for good results and outcomes, but also investing for really long periods of time, focusing on doing only what is right for you, our investors. This strong belief in ethics & integrity powers our philosophy and aims to make a real difference in people's lives.

Unwavering belief in 'scientific' asset management run with utmost rigor.

Unwavering belief in 'scientific' asset management run with utmost rigor.

We often say that DSP = Discipline, Science, Processes. We believe our analytical rigour that powers our framework-based thinking and risk-management will help us deliver good long-term investment outcomes for investors.

A vibrant environment, the 'DSP' culture.

A vibrant environment, the 'DSP' culture.

We aim to attract and nurture smart, curious and ambitious professionals from all kinds of backgrounds and domains as long as they share our goal of building better, more responsible investing experiences. Our people always look to stretch individually and thrive in teams equally well, to collaboratively do their best work.

Our Timeline

160 years of legacy


The DSP family commenced its stock broking business

DSP timeline 1860


An informal association of brokers was instituted, including members of the DSP family.


The first Indian stock exchange was established, with the DSP family among the founding members. Originally called 'The NativeShare & Stock Brokers Association', it was later renamed to Bombay Stock Exchange.

DSP timeline 1877


The DSP family group was acknowledged by Grindlays for being their highly regarded and esteemed broker for the past 50 years, going back to 1866

DSP timeline 1916


DSP family setup DS Purbhoodas Public Trust

DSP timeline 1953


Hemendra Kothari joined his family's broking firm DS Purbhoodas (Fourth generation from the family).


Hemendra Kothari ventured into merchant (investment) banking and established the company DSP Financial Consultants Limited (DSPFC) on October 23rd. The company was incorporated in Mumbai and was in the business of merchant banking, financial consultancy, investments and finance.

DSP timeline 1975


DSPFC entered into a business tie-up with Dresdner Bank, AG. This was a well-publicized, highly regarded business move.

DSP timeline 1983


DSPFC entered into a business tie-up with Merrill Lynch, the largest investment bank in United States of America


DSPFC acted as advisers to Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, who were eventually awarded a mandate from the Unit Trust of India for launching 'The India Fund', the first ever International mutual fund floated to bring investments into India. The company was also involved in India's first public issue of bonds in the German capital market, lead managed by Dresdner Bank AG, for Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI). The company advised Merrill Lynch on the arrangement of a Revolving Underwriting facility and India's first Euro-Commercial paper programme for State Bank of India. The company was also involved in raising funds forONGC in the Japanese market. DSPFC also entered into a business arrangement with Banque Francaise du commerce Exterieur (BFCE).


DSPFC entered into a business arrangement with Swiss Bank Corporation(SBC)

DSP timeline 1987


After serving the Stock Exchange, Mumbai in the capacity of Vice President for three years, Hemendra Kothari was elected President in March 1991.

DSP timeline 1991


IDBI Investment Management Company (IIMCO) was jointly promoted by DSPFC and IDBI to carry out the business of fund management.


DSPFC, along with its associates Merrill Lynch and SBC lead managed many new transactions. DSPFC was also a lead manager along with Merrill Lynch in the first Euro Convertible Bond issue for Essar Gujarat. In addition, along with SBC, DSPFC lead managed the first Euro bond issue in the Swiss market for Bharat Forge Ltd. Furthermore, new initiatives such as project finance structuring, project appraisal, corporate re-organization, mergers and acquisitions were taken up


DSPFC was the joint lead manager to GDR issue by East India Hotels Ltd., a co-lead manager to the issues by JCT Ltd. and Raymond Woollen Mills Ltd. Along with Merrill Lynch, it also lead managed a large GDR issue by SAIL. The firm's research division introduced the GDR valuation index. The company achieved the highest international recognition in the form of the 'Euromoney Award for the Best Securities Firm in India'.

DSP timeline 1994


DSPFC finally entered into an official tie up with Merrill Lynch providing an equity stake to Merrill Lynch of 29.41% with a provision to increase it up to 40%. This new investment banking partnership was called DSP Merrill Lynch Ltd. (DSPML). DSPML and Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (MLIM) also entered into a new joint-venture to form an investment management company, DSP Merrill Lynch Asset Management (India) Ltd. (later renamed to DSP Merrill Lynch Fund Managers Ltd)

DSP timeline 1996


DSP Merrill Lynch Asset Management launched its first domestic equity and its first domestic debt mutual fund schemes.


DSP Merrill Lynch Fund Managers launched Merrill Lynch Specialist Investment Funds (MLSIF) India Fund, its first international fund meant for global investors looking to invest in India. This was a Luxembourg domiciled UCITS fund.


In line with BlackRock's takeover of Merrill Lynch's global asset management business in 2006, DSP Merrill Lynch Fund Managers became DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Ltd.

DSP timeline 2008


In May 2018, DSP Group announced its intention to purchase BlackRock's 40% stake in DSP BlackRock Investment Managers and in August 2018, the transaction was completed. The organization was renamed to DSP Investment Managers, DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund was renamed to DSP Mutual Fund

DSP timeline 2018


Effective April 1, 2023, our asset management business was demerged from DSP Investment Managers Private Limited (DSPIM) to DSP Asset Managers Private Limited (DSPAM).

DSP timeline 2023


DSP Asset Managers continues resolutely on the path to help millions of Indians #InvestForGood, focusingon doing the right things with the right intent, always keeping investors' needs first.