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Is money a big deal or a small one for you? Will you consider changing a stranger's life along with yours, should you get the chance to? Watch this short film to uncover how this middle-class guy feels and what he does after receiving an unexpected parcel!

How playing cricket can teach you the 'art of being prepared'

Have you ever had an indescribable feeling while walking out to face the first ball of a cricket match. Rohan Desai, AVP- Institutional Sales & Family Offices, DSP IM, speaks about how playing cricket has taught him the 'art of being prepared'

Low volatility strategies have underperformed recently, time to exit?

Read the latest blog by Prateek Nigudkar – Quant Analyst, DSPIM

The Value of Flexing since 25 years

Read this special blog by Ankita Pathak, Product Manager & Macroeconomist, in which she writes about the beauty in simplicity when chasing good, long-term investing outcomes!

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Netra - Early Warnings & Signals Through Charts

Download the May 2022 edition of our Early Warnings & Signals Guide Through Charts.

Why you should stick to a framework?

A unique & powerful note that talks about why sticking to a framework does not mean there will be no rough patches- like the one we're in right now! And why we choose to remain aligned to the framework and will #KeepGoing

This is so heart-warming

Want to see what self respect means? Watch Fugga, our next #EmotionsOfMoney short film!

The next big IPO, Rocket science & Simplicity

Think of investing in IPOs but can't make up your mind? Read this interesting blog to understand a simple, no-frills, actionable alternative to this quite risky investment strategy.

Electric Vehicles: A big investment opportunity?

EVs are rising. And becoming quite hot as an investment space too. So what should you keep in mind before considering investing? Read our blog.

A story about superhumans, investing super-outcomes and the lessons from our 'nature'.

Here is our latest blog by Sahil Kapoor, Vice President & Head - Products & Market Strategist, in his very own 'Gurudakshina' series.

The history of our stock markets is fantastic, but many of us don't know much about it.

Our new series penned by Deepika Asthana attempts to map its birth & evolution.

Life is often about dualities. And if you think about it, so is investing.

Read this simple but deep & reflective blog post by Rohan Desai (AVP- Institutional Sales & Family Offices) on these dualities.

Is there a parallel between Investing & War

After all, both involve assessing positions, strategizing, research, risk management, goal-thinking & more. Intrigued? Then you’ll love this blog, based on ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu's treatise, "The Art of War" (from 5th century BC).

"There was never a good war, or a bad peace." -Benjamin Franklin

Uncertain about investing? Then read our new blog for direction

The Sartorial Elegance of Custom-Fits

Are YOU the one who prefers custom-tailored or well-fitted clothes? Read this fun, actionable & smart fin-planning guide by Lisa Pallavi Barbora

Life is short

There is a fascinating side to the equity market that most investors & experts don't talk, know, or even think much about. But done well, it can be just as profitable, if not more. Too cryptic? Then read this powerful blog on the 'short side', by Gaurav Pant (SVP- Equities).

The latest edition of The Transcript (Oct-Dec 2021) is out now

Check it out to see Abhishek Singh's (Fund Manager – Equities, DSPIM), compilation of insightful data, insights & comments from last quarter's earnings calls.

What is Jensen's Alpha?

Here's a primer, part of our 'Getting Smarter' series, which covers:

  • How much of the portfolio’s return is attributable to the manager's ability to deliver above-average returns, adjusted for market risk
  • Whether an investment has performed better or worse than its beta value would suggest

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