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Inflation: The cat among the pigeons? History answers

How could inflation affect your investments? History provides some answers beyond the obvious! Read this insightful blog post by Prateek Nigudkar & Aparna Karnik, who look after Quantitative research & strategy, including our Quant models.

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A Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund can help!

Consider a fund that gets defensive when markets are overvalued & aggressive when markets are undervalued - so you earn a smoother NAV journey over time.

Smart tax-savers don’t wait- they automate. And you?

Automation gives you peace of mind. This is exactly what SIPs in a tax-saving fund can do for you.

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Here's what we found startling, potent, insightful or just plainly informative from our reading of FY21 Annual Reports of India's sector leaders.

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Key Highlights

The bet is not on one's intelligence, but on our collective ignorance

Abhishek Singh, Fund Manager of the equity portions of DSP Equity Savings Fund & DSP Regular Savings Fund talks about how he invests. Read now.

A letter to our DSP Equity Savings Fund investors

Read this note in which Abhishek Singh (Fund manager of the equities portion) shares how he intends to manage the fund.

A letter to our DSP Mid Cap Fund investors

Read what Vinit Sambre (Head-Equities) has to say about the scheme's recent underperformance & why his belief in his investing framework makes him confident that things will turn for the better soon

Getting smarter series: Total Return Index (TRI)

What is TRI & how does it differ from Price Return Index? All this & more in our short primer. Read now.

What is 'Tracking Difference'?

How is it different from 'Tracking Error' when it comes to index funds or even ETFs? Read this short note which explains the difference & also covers what all we do at DSP to try to reduce it.

What is Herd Mentality? Explained

Do you follow the "Herd" while making most of your investment decisions? Watch Investment expert Amit Grover explain how financial planning is about independent thinking, your unique goals, your risk appetite and so much more!

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