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How to invest in Disruptive Innovation

Recently, we did a live event on "How to invest in disruptive innovation" with the amazing Renato Leggi, CFA, CAIA from ARK Invest (American asset management firm focused on disruptive innovation). In case you missed it, read this summary on our blog.

Wondering if accelerated innovation can fuel portfolio growth?

Consider investing in disruptive & innovative ideas like the Metaverse, Genome Editing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Web 3.0 etc? Then read this fascinating blog by Sahil Kapoor, Vice President & Head - Products & Market Strategist, DSP IM

'I' to 'I': A different route with surprising benefits!

What did our guest writer, Lisa Pallavi Barbora, realize when she got into a back & forth argument about taking a different running route than her normal, routine one? A must-read for those with a 'home-bias'!

Ranthambhore, Arrowhead and (Unreal) Expectations!

Want to know what happened when Aditi Kothari Desai, our Vice Chairperson & a veteran tiger-safari-frequenter visited Ranthambhore recently? Here's a special blog post penned by Aditi herself!

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How To Read The Union Budget?

Here's a primer, part of our 'Getting Smarter' series, which covers:

  • Major terms in the union budget
  • Key numbers as they stand today
  • How to qualitatively understand the budget

"Women are better investors than men. Ready to accept this?"

Read this fascinating & insightful blog post by our guest author, Lisa Pallavi Barbora.

Mark Twain and the 'Law of Holes'

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, ranked among the highest paid authors in 19th century America, went bankrupt at 59. His record with investing? Sad. Here's a short story from his life worth learning from.

Understanding the Nifty Midcap 150 Quality 50 Index

Read this to understand Nifty Midcap 150 Quality 50 Index & what 'quality filters' are applied?

Netra - Early Warnings & Signals Through Charts

Download the Jan 2022 edition of our Early Warnings & Signals Guide Through Charts.

The Report Card: 2QFY22 & 1HFY22 | Video walk-through

In this video, Bhavin Gandhi takes us through The Report Card for 2QFY22 & 1HFY22, which talks about the key trends emerging out of the recently concluded earnings season.

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