DSP Nifty Midcap 150 Quality 50 ETF

Intraday Indicative NAV :  232.4801 as on 24-May-2024 16:00:00

Direct Redemption Available : NO

Cash Component (As on 24-May-2024)
Basket Date

Creation Unit Summary
Value of portfolio deposit ₹ 5,784,285.35
NAV as on 24-May-2024 ₹ 232.4339
Creation Unit Size 25,000
Value of creation unit ₹ 5,810,847.50
Cash Component ₹ 26,562.15
Other charges ₹ 348.65
Receivable (Payable) from (to) investor for subscription ₹ 26,852.69
Payable (Receivable) to (from) investor for Redemption ₹ 26,504.04
Dividend Amount in Rs. ₹ 0.00

Dividend Details
No data found in Dividend Details.

Corporate Actions
No data found in Corporate Actions.

  1. The above creation unit is for 25000 units of DSP Nifty Midcap 150 Quality 50 ETF.
  2. Cash component is an indicative amount and will be collected/paid as applicable on the date of purchase/redemption.
  3. Transaction charges payable by the investor is per creation request and will be as determined by the AMC at the time of transaction.
  4. The brokerage, stt, NSDL, custodian, statutory levies etc. charges will be at actuals.