Alpha Tools

Help your clients achieve their financial goals with our Alpha Tools, a suite of tools ranging from a simple birthday greeting card generator to an advanced portfolio analysis tool.

SIP Top-up Brokerage Calculator

Understand the power of SIP Top-up and its influence on your earned brokerage.

Returns Calcualtor

Understand the current value, absolute and annualized year-on-year (CAGR) returns on investments made in any of our products via the Lumpsum, SIP, SWP or STP mode.

Price-to-Earnings Trend Analyser

A PE multiple-based tool that helps you choose the fund category to invest in, considering the market valuation for Equity Funds.

Greeting card for Parents of New Born

Generate a personalized greeting card celebrating your clients' newfound parenthood, gently encouraging them to start a financial journey with an SIP for their precious newborn.

Greeting card for Birthday SIP

Generate personalized birthday greeting card for your clients’ by dynamically calculating their SIP investment growth from their date of birth.

Alimony Calculator

Calcualte the current lifestyle expenses and understand the alimony cost required to maintain the same lifestyle.

SWP Calculator

The SWP calculator lets you to calculate to withdraw a certain amount of money at regular intervals from your lumpsum investment.

SIP Top-up calculator

SIP brings consistency. SIP with a top-up feature accelerates your investment commitments to achieve financial goals faster.