DSP Gilt Fund

DSP Gilt Fund

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41.88K people have invested in this fund

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This fund


Crisil Dynamic Gilt Index


CRISIL 10 Year Gilt Index




This fund


Crisil Dynamic Gilt Index


CRISIL 10 Year Gilt Index


team 41.88K people have invested in this fund as of

This is a Debt Government Securities, Gilt fund with Crisil Dynamic Gilt Index as its benchmark. The risk level for this fund is categorized as Moderate Risk.

Total AUM

1,016.19 crores as of Jun 30, 2024

Age of Fund

24 years 9 months since Sep 30, 1999

Expense Ratio

1.2% as of Jul 12, 2024

Exit Load


Ideal holding period

3 Years+

Rolling Returns

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Things to know before you invest

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What is in DSP Gilt Fund?

  1. DSP Gilt Fund invests in debt securities issued by the Government of India, with a portfolio duration of 1-10 years.
  2. It invests 100% in sovereign debt (the highest quality debt securities available in the Indian market, considered to be safe havens even during periods of economic turmoil as they carry little risk of default).
  3. It is a highly liquid portfolio with actively managed portfolio duration based on future interest rate movement predictions (lower duration in rising interest rates market and vice versa).
  4. One of DSP's oldest debt funds with a 22 +years track record.
  1. This is a quality debt fund, since the entire portfolio is made of government-backed securities.
  2. Can help you navigate rising or falling interest rate scenarios.
  3. Earn potentially better returns than bank FDs.
  4. Suitable for long term & relatively safe debt allocation for a 5 year+ investment horizon.
  1. Consider this fund if you
    • Prefer the stability of the debt market but are okay to expose yourself to interest rate risk.
    • Understand and trust the fund manager's ability to judge the direction of interest rates.
    • Don't want to expose yourself to credit risk.
    • Understand the basics of debt investing.
  1. Gilt fund carries Moderate Risk.
  2. Even though this is a debt scheme, in rare circumstances, investment losses may be possible.
  3. Fund can have temporary under-performance in scenario of FM call not playing out.
  4. This is not an equity-oriented fund, so do not expect very high returns.

Fund managers:

Shantanu Godambe

Shantanu Godambe

Total work experience of 17 years. Managing this fund since June 2023.
Total work experience of 17 years. Managing this fund since June 2023.

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Prescribed asset allocation: 80% - 100% Government Securities , 0% - 20% Cash and Cash Equivalents

Current Allocation

as of Jun 30, 2024

Top holdings

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Top Sectors

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Top holdings

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Top holdings

7.46% GOI 2073


7.30% GOI 2053


7.25% GOI 2063


7.34% GOI 2064


7.50% Maharashtra SDL 2044


Cash & cash equivalents


Credit rating profile



Cash & Equivalent


Instrument break-up

Government Securities (Central/State)





Yield to Maturity

7.23 %

Modified Duration

11.38 Years

Portfolio Macaulay Duration

11.78 Years

Average Maturity

32.69 Years

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  • Historical Returns (As per SEBI format)as of with investment of10,000

This fund Crisil Dynamic Gilt Index ^ CRISIL 10 Year Gilt In #
CAGR Current Value CAGR Current Value CAGR Current Value

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Record Date IDCW per unit NAV Before NAV After

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Invested Amount

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This fund


Crisil Dynamic Gilt In

CRISIL 10 Year Gilt In



Funds Annual returns Current Value Absolute Growth

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Invested as

Invested Amount

Invested period

Funds Minimum Median Maximum % times -ve returns % times returns > 7%

Date of allotment: Sep 30, 1999.

Period for which fund's performance has been provided is computed based on last day of the month-end preceding the date of advertisement

Different plans shall have a different expense structure. The performance details provided herein are of Regular Plan.

Since inception returns have been calculated from the date of allotment till June 30, 2021

Past performance may or may not be sustained in future and should not be used as a basis for comparison with other investments

Rolling returns have been calculated based on returns from regular plan growth option.

^ Fund Benchmark # Additional Benchmark

Fund Details

Fund Details

Investment Objective

The primary objective of the Scheme is to generate income through investment in securities issued by Central and/or State Government of various maturities.
There is no assurance that the investment objective of the Schemes will be realized.

Fund Type

Debt – Government Securities
Gilt Fund

An open ended debt scheme investing in government securities across maturity.
A relatively high interest rate risk and relatively low credit risk.


Level of Risk in the fund

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Potential Risk Class Matrix : A-III

A-III is the potential risk class matrix of DSP Gilt Fund based on interest rate & credit risk.

Minimum Investment

Rs.  100 Lumpsum
Rs.  100 SIP– 12 instalments
Rs.  100 Minimum Additional Purchase

team 41.88K peoplehave invested in this fund as of