Introducing DSP BlackRock A.C.E. Fund (Analyst’s Conviction Equalized) Series 2

With in-built rules to help you:

A.C.E. at all market phases

By buying more at market falls and selling at highs which could get you dividends

A.C.E at cushioning

By planning to protect you from markets downturns

A.C.E. at creating wealth

By investing in top stocks across sectors

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NFO closes March 1, 2018



3 powerful investing principles. Packaged in 1 Fund.

Minimize probability of loss

Minimize probability of loss

This fund mitigates risks by buying protection through Put Options^ to provide a cushion when markets fall.

Invest more at low prices

Invest more at low prices

The fund will sell a certain percentage of Put Options at pre-defined correction thresholds to buy stocks at lower prices.

Book profits periodically

Book profits periodically

The fund will book profits at every ~12-15% gain in the stock portfolio, with an aim to distribute ~8-10% as dividends*.



Our A.C.E. team follows a scientific stock selection process that aims to bring out the best from your investment.

Prosperity with Sector Diversity:

Prosperity with sector diversity

Mirrors the NIFTY 500 index for sector allocation. Aligning to a broad-based market index like NIFTY 500 is aimed to ensure investments get benefit from all economic reforms.

Stocks up potential:

Stocks up potential

With an in-depth, multi-layered process adopted by our 16-member strong analyst team, only the top stocks get recommended by the analysts to the fund manager.

Zero-bias Allocation:

Zero-bias allocation

Your investment is distributed equally in all the top stocks identified within each sector by the analysts. No favoritism.


So what do you get when you invest?

High conviction multi-cap portfolio

The fund will invest in 45-55 high conviction stocks across market-caps. A close ended fund means you will stay invested till June 2021 and get a chance to reap benefits of compounding.

Smarter downside protection

A 7% allocation to Put Options could cushion the stock portfolio from the downsides. Besides, the additional flexibility to sell a certain percentage of these Put Options at market corrections will offer a chance to invest at lower prices.

Chance to get periodic income

Investors in Dividend Option will get a chance to protect their gains from market risks, as the fund will aim to distribute ~8-10% as dividends for every ~12-15% gain in the stock portfolio.

SO INVEST TODAY and #A.C.E.At EveryPhase.


DSP BlackRock A.C.E. Fund (Analyst’s Conviction Equalized) Series 2 (Multi Cap Fund - A close ended equity scheme investing across large cap, mid cap and small cap stocks)

This close ended equity scheme is suitable for investors who are seeking*
  1. Capital appreciation with a long term investment horizon
  2. Investing predominantly in equity & equity related securities